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A Work Placement is an opportunity for our participants to gain real work experience within a business environment by spending time with an employer.

The majority of employers who have offered a Work Placement have had a positive experience, are repeat customers and would recommend us to other companies.

A few of the benefits employers gain include:

  • An extra pair of hands to carry out tasks that your staff do not have time to do
  • Providing an individual lacking work experience to develop their skills and move them closer to gaining employment
  • Developing staff by allowing them to manage and train an individual
  • A cost effective way to recruit a new member of staff

Ultimately employers participating in the provision of work placements are helping to shape the future workforce and are putting something back into the communities they work and live in.

We ask for no financial assistance when providing a participant with a Work Placement, however, we do ask for your time.  The time you spend with the participant to train them and to monitor their progress is of greater value to everyone.

To find out more please contact us and ask to speak the Employment Liaison Officer on 01383 881364