• The Forthview Learning Centre is located in the picturesque Forthview Industrial Estate near Low Valleyfield the centre provides professional learning services while retaining an atmosphere of informality, warmth and friendliness.


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Beneficiary Testimonial

"The work experience placement that West Fife Enterprise provides is the best...even if I hadn't been offered a job, I had learned so much and felt so grown up that I would have found a job somewhere else... I felt that confident".

I honestly didn't think I would get the job... I'm just so happy"!

- Jordan Mack, Scottish Grass Machinery

Employer Testimonial

"Jordan is the fourth member of staff we have resourced from WFE's work experience placement scheme...we keep coming back and we will continue to come back.  I believe it is an absolutely fantastic way of helping young local people get into work and for local businesses to realise the pool of young talent they have on their doorstep that they can recruit from".

- Scottish Grass Machinery


Beneficiary Testimonial

"Going to WFE allowed me to make decisions about my future...the placement gave me the confidence to relate to the adult world and the world fo work.  It just felt so good... I felt so grown up... I was an adult".

- Kari Nicol, Thomson Cooper Accountants

 Employer Testimonial

"It made sense that when we were recruiting for an administration assistant that we approached WFE again and requested that they send us a selection of candidates...we're glad that we did and without question will do so again".

- Thomson Cooper Accountants


 Beneficiary Testimonial

"West Fife Enterprise gave me the confidence back that I lost when leaving school...the tutors always pushed me to my limits... I grew up at WFE.  Oh my God...they gave me the job"!!!

- Amy Rowan, Cailean Estate Agents

 Employer Testimonial

"The 6 week placement was ideal for us...it gave us the opportunity to assess but also appreciate Amy's contribution to our company... I would certainly recommend this as an ideal way of recruiting potential staff, I would do it again tomorrow".

- Cailean Estate Agents


 Beneficiary Testimonial

"I loved my time here, and made lots of friends... I could never have got the job without the help, support and experience I got at West Fife Enterprise".

- Jillian Johnstone, Liliput Nursery

 Employer Testimonial

"It was clear from the time we started the interviews for the Modern Apprenticeship that the candidates sent from WFE were much better prepared and experienced than the others.  We will certainly be coming to WFE when we start recruiting again in November for our January intake of apprentices".

- Liliput Nursery


 Beneficiary Testimonial

"I would never have had the confidence or ability to find a job on my own... West Fife Enterprise has turned my life around...thanks a million West Fife.  I was truly gobsmacked...it was me...they gave me the job"!

- Jon James Scrafton, Everwarm of Bathgate

 Employer Testimonial

"I had never heard of West Fife Enterprise until I interviewed Jon... It soon became apparent that he stood our from the other candidates...keep up the good work...when next recruiting I will be sure to give you a call".

- Everwarm of Bathgate


 Beneficiary Testimonial

"I just couldn't have done it on my own... Thanks a million West Fife Enterprise for all your support.  I was just so happy and relieved... I had tried to get a job for ages before coming to WFE".

- Dana McRorie, Scottish Passivhaus Centre

 Employer Testimonial

"Whether it has been for a placement or a candidate for interview, the standard of trainee has always been exceptionally high.  West Fife Enterprise will always be my first stop when recruiting in the future".

- Scottish Passivhaus Centre